We are able to immediately respond to your rail infrastructure needs. Whether you want to apply for state funding, repair or upgrade your track or simply want to know the condition of your siding for future planning, we can help. 

Kane Warehouse, Taylor, PA

Developed two phase project to address poor drainage, loose joints and tie condition. Before and after photos.

Pactiv, Mount Carmel, PA

Developed complete rehabilitation plan to occur in a one week shutdown of rail service.

Philadelphia, PA

During the summer/fall months of 2015, we provided project management services for a railroad contractor constructing an ethanol transload terminal in Western Philadelphia. With almost two miles of new track construction and the installation of a total of nine switches, this project required subtantial planning, oversight and logistics in order to execute it safely and efficiently. We oversaw quality control, provided material & work logistics and assisted with material purchasing. With budget, schedule, execution and management as our four key components to managing a project, we were able to do our part in making sure this project was completed with the highest quality of standards and at the lowest possibly cost. 

Northeast PA

We recently worked with a small family owned business in Northeast PA. They were in the process of hiring a contractor to repair a portion of their siding. Our initial meeting was to discuss their desire to seek out a Rail Freight Assistance Grant through PennDOT's Bureau of Rail Freight. However, after our inspection of their siding turned up some major problems, we quickly became their consultant to manage the much needed repairs to their siding. They had already had received three bids, however, they were based on three entirely different scopes of work. We quickly assessed what needed to be done and what materials were needed and obtained quotes from multiple contractors. After identifying the lowest bidder, we were able to reduce their quote by 10% and upgrade the size of rail to be used. The project was monitored from start to finish. It was started on time, completed on time and perormed safely and to the highest quality standards possible. 

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